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Spray Tanning

Our machine has a built in extractor unit that works to clean and filter the air by extracting the overspray and moisture from the surroundings, which minimises the inhalation of airborne pollution for the client.

We offer He-Shi and St Tropez Spray Tan. The brand and shade that will suit you best can be decided when we see your skin tone, and we also take into consideration the event you might be attending. 

Full Body He-Shi €30 

Full Body St Tropez €35

Half Body Tan €25

How to prep for your tan?

Exfoliate and moisturise your skin prior to your tan to ensure an even coverage. On the day of your tan you should not moisturise or exfoliate your skin or use any deodorant or perfume. We recommend that you shave your legs after your tan and avoid shaving this area for a minimum of 48hrs prior to your treatment.

How long should tan last? 

This depends on how your skin was prepped and how you look after your tan. You should moisturise your skin daily with a cream-based moisturiser and avoid body oils as these can cause cracking in your tan. If you maintain it well you should get 4-7 days out of it. 

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